Don’t use background music on your web pages!

buildwordpressSome web designers like the idea of a little background music to set the mood of the page. In special cases like say an MTV or Disney website, this can work. But for most websites this is just a bad idea for a two reasons:

  1. Music files are typically pretty ‘heavy’, and take time to download. Most surfers will not think that it’s worth the wait. Besides, many computers simply don’t have sound capability, so it seems silly to force these people to download something they can’t use.
  2. Unexpected music/sound spewing forth from ones PC can be very annoying and potentially cause problems.

If you want to have music on your web site, make it an option that the user can turn on and off. A good way to do this is with a Flash movie; most browsers come equipped with the Flash plug-in and the Flash supports compact MP3 files.

Of course, if you just want to give users the option to hear some piece of music, like your bands latest tune, or a sound clip from an interview, the easiest solution is to create an MP3 of the audio, and then create a link to it.

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