BuildWordPress (BWP) is a established name in the web design business. I target one specific type of website, WordPress. WordPress is becoming more & more popular by the day. To this day, WordPress remains one of the most popular content management systems, which powers millions of blogs and websites. WordPress works on the concept of plug and play and provides one click options to customize the back end of your website. Old sites are being converted to WordPress and new WordPress sites are being developed at a rapid pace. Why? Because the ability for the average person to post content to their own web site is so easy! WordPress is incredibly easy to learn. I can teach customers how to use it and because of short learning curve it does not take countless lessons. WordPress is expandable indefinitely via plugins and themes. Add to that the fact that it is adaptable to pretty much any situation I can think of in a website/blog context with a bit of ingenuity. It’s certainly easier to expand than other equivalent systems which makes it very powerful. There’s is an overwhelming amount of community support. People in the official forums are helpful and because it’s so widely used you can ask questions on sites like Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers and you’ll get intelligent, helpful responses. Also, Google has recently changed their algorithm’s in favor of the social networking ability of WordPress. Here @ we can design you a custom WordPress site and link it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & many others. WordPress can be a complete static website or an interactive blog, it’s up to you ! The possibilities are endless. will not charge any upfront fees, I just ask that you make a onetime final payment via PayPal when the site is complete…
Ron (ceo)